ONLINE Couples Counselling is effective and convenient.

ONLINE couples counselling, relationship counselling & marriage counselling as well as ONLINE individual psychotherapy sessions available for clients to receive counselling support at a location of their choosing.

ONLINE counselling sessions are conducted using our own Telehealth platform on your computer, tablet or mobile phone (we send you a link that is easy to set up). Appointments booked via our booking platform are for one client’s device to a therapist’s computer. If you need to book multiple devices (ie. locations) please email us and we can arrange a special booking for you.

ONLINE couples counselling sessions are as effective as face-to-face couples counselling sessions for most clients.

Online marriage counselling, relationship counselling, and couples counselling are effective in helping couples deal with relationship and marriage conflicts where couples are located separately. Each participant can join via their device (if multiple screens are required, please contact the office directly to book a multiple screen option).

An overview of the 3 C's that make up a good relationship

Discover what makes great relationships work, namely Communication, Connection and Compassion and how couples counselling, relationship counselling or marriage counselling can help you to build the 3 C’s into your relationship. Understand the interdependent nature of the 3 C’s and the importance of including all three in a healthy functioning relationship where values are shared, and needs are met.

An interview conducted by Mind123 with Jonathan Swan, Founder of Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Gold Coast Couples Counselling ONLINE couples counselling and ONLINE marriage counselling & ONLINE counselling & psychotherapy is located in Currumbin. We are the highest rated  Internationally Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples practice on the Gold Coast. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is THE BEST and proven evidenced-based couples counselling approach and has been noted by the New York Times as the couple counselling methodology with a 70 to 73% success rate as well as an 86–90% reported significant improvement in distress levels (An EFT approach to sex therapy)

Choosing a Couples Counsellor for couples counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling

When choosing a relationship counsellor, it’s essential to ensure they are registered with governing associations such as the Psychotherapists And Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) or the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

It is also critical that the couples counsellor has relationship and marriage counselling training and ongoing supervision. Couples counselling differs from individual counselling and requires expert skills.

Loving relationships

'A safe, secure loving relationship leads to positive feelings of emotional, social and physical well-being for all ' Jonathan Swan

ONLINE Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy for ONLINE couples counselling, ONLINE relationship counselling and ONLINE marriage counselling provides professional relationship counselling, marriage counselling and premarital counselling for individuals and couples as well as those in extended families.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, as practised by Currumbin-based Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy, works on the emotional connection between couples by:

  1. De-escalating conflict
  2. Creating a safe and secure emotional connection between couples
  3. Strengthening emotional bonds between couples

If any of the following has happened in your relationship, then get in touch with our ONLINE couples counsellors at Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy for expert professional help if:

  • Trust been broken due to a betrayal
  • You’re feeling unheard
  • You feel unacknowledged or under-appreciated, not important
  • You or your partner have become distant or withdrawn or needy, anxious and clingy
  • You are trying to recover after an infidelity
  • You have lost interest in sex
  • You’ve lost a sense of identity
  • Anger or stonewalling is the way you or your partner communicate

ONLINE LGBTQI relationship counselling, ONLINE BDSM relationship counselling, ONLINE polyamorous relationship counselling and other forms of ONLINE non-monogamous relationship counselling are also available.

Book online or contact our office  via our Contact form below for more details about couples counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling, or individual counselling andpsychotherapy.