Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy provides marriage counselling, relationship counselling, couples counselling and individual counselling & psychotherapy.

Located at Currumbin, Gold Coast, we offer face-to-face sessions and online appointments for couples and individuals.

Intensive Couple Retreats are also available for couples who wish to progress in their healing and growth faster.

We are the HIGHEST-RATED service for couples,  relationship and marriage counselling on the Gold Coast; see our Google reviews.

All our therapists are trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT) for Couples. EFT for couples and EFIT for individuals are proven evidenced-based relationship and individual counselling approaches and EFT for couples has been noted by the New York Times as the relationship counselling methodology with the highest success rate.

One of the key features that sets EFT apart is its emphasis on emotions and how we handle and utilise them. This approach enables individuals to gain insight into their own feelings as well as the feelings of others in their lives, leading to more satisfying and healthier relationships. It’s not just about finding temporary solutions; it’s about identifying the root of the problem and making lasting changes.

Emotion has a deep logic to it, and we can learn to use it as a compass to guide our steps as we move with others through life.  …Growing emotionally and finding attachment at the heart of or humanity – what’s more thrilling than that?” Dr Sue Johnson

An overview of the 3 C's that make up a good relationship

Discover what makes great relationships work, namely Communication, Connection and Compassion and how couples counselling, relationship counselling or marriage counselling can help you to build the 3 C’s into your relationship. Understand the interdependent nature of the 3 C’s and the importance of including all three in a healthy functioning relationship where values are shared, and needs are met.

An interview conducted by Mind123 with Jonathan Swan, Founder of Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Choosing a Couples Counsellor for couples counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling

When choosing a relationship counsellor, it’s essential to ensure they are registered with governing associations such as the Psychotherapists And Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) or the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

It is also critical that the couples counsellor has relationship and marriage counselling training and ongoing supervision. Couples counselling differs from individual counselling and requires expert skills.

We all deserve a loving relationship

"A loving healthy relationship leads to positive feelings of emotional, social and physical well-being for everyone" Jonathan Swan

What we do at GCCCP

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, as practised by Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy, works on the emotional connection between couples by:

  1. De-escalating conflict
  2. Creating a safe emotional connection between partners
  3. Strengthening emotional bonds between partners

How we do what we do

We focus on the “dance” in your relationship.

No one person is at fault here; it takes two (or more) to tango. We’ll be exploring what each of you brings to your interaction together from the past and how you engage in the present. We’ll be exploring emotions, thoughts and behaviours and working on new communication patterns to disrupt old unhealthy ones.

Our first goal is to develop strategies to de-escalate the conflict and tension in your relationship. Once this is achieved, we can explore better and more profound ways of relating. Finally, we work to consolidate these new patterns of interaction.

If any of the following has occurred in your relationship, please contact us below, and we can match you with one of our expert couples counsellors here at Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy.

    • You are struggling to feel connected in your relationship, to recover from past hurts and conflict

    • Communication has broken down; you feel unheard and unseen

    • You feel exhausted and worn down by the endless cycles of conflict

    • There feels like a lack of care and support in the relationship

    • You no longer feel like you matter any more

    • You don’t feel understood

    • You’re not on the ‘same page’

    • You or your partner/s have become distant, withdrawn or feeling anxious, or clingy

    • Trust has been compromised in your relationship due to infidelity or lies

    • You feel unacknowledged or under-appreciated

    • You are trying to repair after an affair or are concerned that there is an ongoing affair

    • You or your partner/s have lost interest in sex or are experiencing sexual dysfunction

    • You’ve lost a sense of identity in the relationship

    • Anger or stonewalling is the predominant way you or your partner communicate

We operate an inclusive, non-discriminatory practice offering relationship counselling and individual psychotherapy services to the LGBTQ+ community and people engaging in consensually non-monogamous relationships and polyamory. Our therapists are trained in Gender, Sex, and Relationship Diversity.  

Please book online or contact our office via our Contact form for more details about couples counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling, or individual counselling and psychotherapy.