Mind123 conducted the following series of interviews with Jonathan Swan, the founder of Gold Coast Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Mind123 showcases experts in the field of health and wellbeing. Jonathan Swan is profiled as a relationship expert, guiding how to have a successful and healthy relationship.


We all know that a healthy relationship requires good communication. But few know what good communication is and how to bring it into their relationship. Learn how to deal with differences, resolve conflict and bring a deeper connection into your relationship.


A solid connection is the foundation of a successful relationship. A secure bond between yourself and your partner leaves you both better able to deal with life’s challenges. Knowing how to create, maintain and deepen the emotional connection within a relationship is the key to success.


Love, care, nurturing, and acknowledgement are just some of the hallmarks of having compassion in your relationship—both for yourself as well as your partner. Compassion is the consequence of good communication and connection in a relationship. It is empathy in action and the expression of a healthy, successful relationship.