Gold Coast Couples Counselling’s approach to couples relationship counselling and therapy is grounded within a number of approaches….

Gestalt Therapy

Founded on awareness and contact the Gestalt approach enhances the understanding of “how” you do relationship in the “here and now”. Awareness or being more “mindfull”of contacting or how you are both relating is supported and facilitated by the therapist. In doing so it brings into the present moment the negative entrenched patterns and ways of being that inhibit positive, effective and healthy relating. The magic of Gestalt is that by bringing awareness to “what is” in the relationship it allows change to naturally take place. Change towards more positive, happier and satisfying relating with your partner.

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy supports couples to understand the way they do relationship and how it can be based on earlier significant emotional attachments during childhood. How those earlier patterns of attachment contribute to the way you both do relationship in the present. It is focused on supporting couples to communicate from primary core emotions rather than reactive secondary emotions.

For example, your anger and withdrawal may mask hidden fears and insecurities that are being triggered by your partners behavior. By getting in touch with these deeper emotions and expressing them you allow a different approach to communication and you will receive better more positive responses from your partner. You both become more responsible and capable of handling the difficult areas in your relationship. You allow more healthier attachment patterns to develop.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

This approach is strengths based and goal oriented. By drawing from the already working aspects of your relationship and keeping in mind where you want to go, you can overcome the difficult and problematic aspects of your relationship. Healing occurs, comes from and is supported by the strengths already in your relationship.

Differentiation vs Confluence

By unlocking yourselves from confluence or the entangled enmeshing in your relationship, you allow each other to emerge as individuals once again. You become differentiated or regain a clearer sense of your own identity. You become a couple of I‘s relating across clear boundaries and not lost in a We. This leads to excitement and growth in the other and in the relationship once more. It leads to a fuller and deeper appreciation of the other and a renewed vitality in sexual interest and expression.

Gold Coast Couples Counselling’s aim is to facilitate and support the healing and growth of your relationship

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