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Gold Coast Couples Counselling

Couples Relationship & Marriage Counselling

A loving healthy relationship leads to positive feelings of emotional, social and physical well-being

Gold Coast Couples Counselling provides professional relationship counselling, marriage counselling and premarital counselling. 

Gold Coast Couples Counselling provides relationship and marriage therapy and counselling to partners in distress as well as to those who wish to learn how to do better at “relationship”.

Gold Coast Couples Counselling provides Emotionally Focussed Therapy for Couples (EFT). EFT for couples is an empirically validated therapy developed by Dr Sue Johnson and is practised all over the world, EFT for couples has been noted by the New York Times as the couple therapy with the highest rate of success. Couples who use EFT see a 75 percent success rate. The therapy programme provided by  Gold Coast Couples Counselling focuses on the emotional connection of every relationship by:

  1. De-escalating conflict
  2. Creating a safe emotional connection
  3. Strengthening bonds between partners

If any of the following has happened in your relationship then get in touch with Gold Coast Couples Counselling for expert professional help…

tickTrust been compromised in your relationship

tickYou’re not feeling heard

tickYou feel unacknowledged or under-appreciated

tickYou or your partner have become distant or withdrawn

tickOr feeling anxious, clingy

tickYou are trying to repair after an affair

tickYou or your partner have lost interest in sex

tickYou’ve lost a sense of identity in the relationship

tickAnger or stonewalling become the predominate way you or your partner communicate

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Gold Coast Couples Counselling asserts that the fundamental problem in relationship breakdown is a lack of effective communication of core emotions, for example hurt, pain, shame and sadness. Relationships and marriages with poor expression of core emotions contribute to dysfunctional relationship patterns. For example… you both play the “blame game” rather than talk to each other about what’s really going on for you, what’s underneath your anger. Ineffective communication together with poor dynamics in the relationship leads to stress and to the breakdown of trust and safety in a relationship. Gold Coast Couples Counselling’s Emotionally Focussed Therapy for Couples approach supports both of you to express those core emotions in a safe, supporting and non-judgmental environment where you will both feel heard.

Expression of core emotion and fundamental needs leads to feelings of togetherness, safety and trust

We bring styles of relating learnt from childhood and former relationships with us into our current relationship. Maybe we’ve learnt to withdraw and stonewall to get a reaction in previous relationships. Perhaps we lash out and fight back because we are fearful about being hurt again. Sometimes we’ve just become numb, unable to react or act at all. These dysfunctional patterns, while not obvious in the initial stages of relationship, manifest over time as you become more deeply enmeshed with each other. Unresolved issues from the past begin to emerge. These reactions may become triggered by your partners attitude or behaviour and are difficult to resolve as the person you need to resolve them with is the same person who triggered them in the first place! Hence the need for couples counselling and therapy.

At the core of our ineffective communication and problematic patterns of relating usually lies deep hurt and fear. We freeze, withdraw or act out in order to protect ourselves from further hurt. We become fearful of our partner because they are the one who is hurting us or who has the potential to hurt us. Our partner who we love becomes our greatest threat in that moment.

Gold Coast Couples Counselling provides relationship and marriage counselling and therapy that allows for a safe, supportive, non-judgmental and unbiased place to allow both of you to express that deeper hurt and fear. To look past your anger and to express your vulnerability, your hurts and your fears to your partner. Being supported therapeutically allows your partner to more fully “see” and hear what’s really happening for you beneath your anger. This has the positive effect of drawing your partner closer to you, they drop their defenses and reach out to you. Fundamentally your partner loves you and when allowed or able to, want to care and support you in your pain, even as they may have to face the realisation that they are contributing to it. The result is better connection and more positive loving relating.

Understanding and communication are the keys to successful relating and healing from relationship breakdown

Gold Coast Couples Counselling offers relationship and marriage counselling and therapy that supports you both to:

  • Understand each other better and discover more fruitful and effective ways to express feelings
  • Communicate better your needs and wants resulting in a more satisfying relationship where your emotional, social and physical well-being are met

Gold Coast Couples Counselling encourages awareness in the “here and now” of “how” you are relating to each other, in both positive and negative ways. Of the patterns and dynamics that contribute to healthy relating and to the dysfunctional ones that undermine successful and happy relationship. Bringing awareness to entrenched negative patterns of relating allows change to happen. Through shared awareness of destructive patterns your relationship will heal and grow. In growing you will replace negative dysfunctional patterns with more mature constructive patterns that become a place of trust, safety, nourishment and support for each other.


The counselling approach taken by Gold Coast Couples Counselling helps you both to become more sexually intimate again. Being in relationship means that we often lose sight of ourselves and the other, we become merged together. While this is initially exciting, losing awareness of who you are in relationship undermines your sense of self and it undermines the difference that the other person initially brought into the relationship. You become familiar and while comforting, it can lead to loss of excitement in the other person and thereby loss of sexual intimacy and enjoyment. By re-becoming yourself while remaining in relationship, you allow the other to do the same. In doing so excitement re-enters the relationship leading to a more sustainable, intimate and long-term relationship.

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Gold Coast Couples Counselling is experienced with and supports LGBTQ and BDSM communities. We also work with non-traditional forms of relationship, ie non-monogamous, open-relationships and polyamory.